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If you are viewing this page then you either love weather or you love photography.  Perhaps you love both.  Taking photographs is a way to express myself.  It is painting a picture for another person.  Taking them on a journey through the lens of a camera.  Through the glass.  Taking people to places they may never see.  Showing someone something in a different light.  With a careful eye you can turn the mundane into the awe inspiring. 

I am new at photography.  So that makes me an amateur photographer.  I say "new" because I have not taken photography seriously until about 3 or 4 years ago.  Before then I was simply "interested" in taking photographs.  I never bought any books on how to work a camera. 
I never took any classes.  Slowly over the years that interest has turned into a passion.  Hopefully as the years pass I will become a better photographer.  That is the goal!

Within this site you will also find chase accounts and storm analysis pages.  Chasing is nothing new to me.  I just have never taken the time to record those events. 

I don't, at this time, sell my photographs.  I simply enjoy sharing my experiences.  Taking you to a place where you can smile, laugh, and maybe cry.  Something you can't buy with money.  If you are interested in purchasing a photograph then you may email me and I will discuss it with you further.

If you are visiting this page and would like to use a photograph for Charity, Education, or National Weather Service purposes then you may do so.  I only ask that you give me credit for the photograph.  All of the photographs that you see, on these pages, were taken by me.  All of the photographs are owned by me.

Occasionally you will see a photo of me standing in a weather event...these photos were taken by a partner or with a tripod and wireless remote.


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2008 Snow

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