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If you are viewing this page then you either love weather or you love photography.  Perhaps you love both.  I believe photographs are an expression of oneself. Painting a picture for someone else.  Taking them on a journey through the lens of a camera.  Through the glass.  Taking people to places they may never see or experience for themselves.  Showing someone something in a different light.  With a careful eye you can turn the mundane into the awe inspiring. 

The photos that you are viewing were taken from different cameras over a number of years.  Most of them are from the past three years.  I am slowly starting to learn to use the camera.  I am far from having it mastered.  Perhaps one day I will get there.

I hope you enjoy the chase photos.  I will be adding more over the coming months and years.  Hopefully they will take you on a journey through mother nature.


08/09/07 Northwest, Ohio Funnel Clouds

07/08/07 Waterloo, Ontario, Canada ▪ 

12/28/06 Boulder, Colorado Wet Snow


12/01/06 Central Illinois Winter Storm

12/22/04 Ohio Valley Blizzard

12/14/03 Boston, Massachusetts

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